Thursday, August 16, 2007

Asia Internet Marketing Academy

After 2 years of continues learning in Internet Marketing from US Top guru. Finally, I able step up from my day time job and work full time in internet training and coaching.

A bit about my workshop I conduct,it is a very interactive, you need have your own laptop ,off course with WIFI capability. If I just talk for 2 hours, I believe you will fall asleep by then!

For internet workshop details you can go to Asia Internet Marketing Academy.

Treat your online business as a Business itself. Work on your business and NOT in your business. Spend time and effort on it. Do no expect to make ton of money just learn from the book or 2-3 days workshop.

Internet business is NO different from offline business,you need to spend time to learn and build your empire, especially for newbie. You heard people making USD 10k ,20k or 50K in 1 day right? but do you know that how long they take to master the skills before he/she achieve this result. It might be 2-5 years! That right!

My guru KCC teach me that, work for your passion and money will come. Now, I really understand what it means. People will pay you for what you have or what it call intellectual property.

I will conduct my internet marketing workshop on 25 & 26 August. Go to Asia Internet Marketing Academy for further details.


Thursday, August 2, 2007

What is the difference between Training & Coaching?

For most of the people, it might look the same. But let me clarify, both of them are completely different. Based on wikipedia Training is refers to the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies as a result of the teaching of vocational or practical skills and knowledge that relates to specific useful skills.

Training is where you learn the soft skill or I would say that the fundamental. For example, if you like to play golf, will you go straight to the game before learn what to swing the golf clubs? Of course No!

First you must equip yourself with basics training skills, learnt how to swing the golf club, understand the rules of the game etc.

“Coaching” is more personal (1-3 people in a group or sometimes is one to one). They will guide you step by step to ensure you doing the correct thing. Coach do not make decision for you, they can only guide you. You have to pick up the ball and hit it yourself.

Also coach is not necessary better than you. Let take the example of Andrew Agassi. He has a personal coach. If both of them playing tennis, guess who will win? Definitely Andrew!

So why he need a coach? The bottom line is coach is to guide you and not doing job for you!

You might wonder why do i talking about this subject and what it going to do with internet marketing?

Ok, I have been pleasure to be invited by one of my guru KC See to help him in internet coaching club that will start on August. I am so excited that I can share my internet skills with others. “The More You Learn,The More You Earn”

My advise is learn the basics skill before venture to any business. If not, you got cheated also you do not know what happen!




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