Friday, September 26, 2008

Full House Internet Mastery Preview

Just came back from another full house event of my Internet Mastery Preview at PJ. This is my 3rd public preview and it is a good experience to see so many Malaysian are hungry for another source of income online.

Nowaday, if you heavily depend on one source of income to survive, then you are llike a time boomb. Waiting for a day to retrench or retire.

As inflation going high every year, one source of income definetly cannot support our daily lifestyle.
I am so bless as i exposed to Internet Marketing since 2005. Now, i can quit my day time job and running my own internet academy.

What Internet Marketing?
  1. Global market
  2. 24/7
  3. Low Cost
  4. Work From Home
  5. High Profit Margin
  6. Advertiseiment is Cheap
Why we are different from other Internet Program?
  1. 2 Day Hands-On trainig as we guide you step by step
  2. Result Based, if you don't make money. I don't make money.
  3. Coaching Based-Monthly one to one coaching
  4. Monthly Master Mind Session to help you to create another source of income online
For Septmeber 27 & 28 class, it is fully booked. Next class will be on Oct 25 & 26.

To know more about the program, you can email liew at
( Replace add with @ when you send the email)

Bernard Hay

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Infopreneurship Program Launch in Malaysia with Mastery Asia & Asia Internet Marketing Academy

I have been invited by my mentor K.C See to launch a program call "Infopreneurship" on 14 Sept. It is a honor for me to stand up and speak together with my mentor.

This program going to target anyone want to publish an information product like book, ebook, seminar ,training courses,audio program, video program etc. Each everyone of us have a "BOOK" in ourself to share with the world. But the challenge is "HOW" to do it?

That is the main reason why we set up this "Infopreneurship" program to help your dream come true.

We will have another "Infopreneurship Preview" at Malaysia on 5th October 2008. To find out more, you can register with Mastery Asia via email angel.lee add Please change add to @) when you send the email.

What will the preview cover?

A) Introduction to Infopreneurship
* Why Infopreneurship?
* The Business Model That Works
* How to make millions selling information
* The various options
* The key is the person

B) Creating the Infopreneur's products : The BOOK
* Writing a BOOK? Becoming an Author.
* Why a book?
* Deciding to self-publish or not?
* The process of getting a book done
* Other products: CDs, Online materials, E books, Elearning content

C) Internet Marketing: The Infopreneurs' global channel:
* Selling information Online
* What are the possibilities? Websites, Contents and media.
* Choosing the platform
* How to get to be the top of the list in your areas of expertise
* Developing a online information strategy

D) Training: How to travel the world, stay in the best Hotel, share ideas and make money:
* How you can add value to other people sharing your experience, expertise and knowledge?
* Can you learn how to stand up and speak?
* What if I can’t present well?

"Infopreneurship" will cover 3 Programs.

1. Book Camp Mastery - How to publish a book by Shum

2. Online Infopreneurship Mastery- How to use internet to sell information by Bernard Hay

3. Stand up and Speak Mastery- Master the skill of public speaking by KC. See

If you interested to find out more, email to
angel.lee add Please change add to @) when you send the email.


Bernard Hay

Monday, September 15, 2008

My Internet Business is Expanding!

It has been long time after my last post. As i was busy preparing my Internet Marketing preview for public.

Now, i am collaborate with Money Mastery to promote my 2 Day Internet program. It is another breakthrough for my business expansion.

I always believe the "UNIVERSE" will give you what you want as long as you "ASK". Law of Attraction always working whether you like it or not.

Hopefully with this business expansion, i can bring my company totally to another new level.
My mission to train 100 Internerprenuer is on track!




"Can"t find what you are looking for? Try Google Search!"