Friday, March 13, 2009

Penang USM "Techoprenuership Talk"

I was invited by Penang USM last week "Techoprenuership Talk". It is an honor for me to share my experience & knowledge to the young graduate how they can use Internet Marketing to start an online business from home while still studying.

Practical skills is crucial when you are looking for employment. What this graduate learned about online marketing is purely from the text book. Theory and Practical is a totally different learning experiences.

Text book might look 100% perfect strategy with minimum risk. While when you pratices it on the real world, it might not the case. You will face a lot of challenges and obstacle.

I totally believe our education system should emphasis more on practical training rather from the text book. This will definitely add advantages to the young graduate when they are looking for employment in future.

Since the world economy is under recession, the worst since 1930 great depression. It is not easy to look for employment at this moment. Thus, it is good for the University graduate to learn the internet skills and make some pocket money online.

My next challenge is to share my internet knowledge & experience to other higher education in Malaysia.

Again, thank for USM lecturer for their kind assistance.

Bernard Hay



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