Thursday, March 29, 2007

Do you know how to build a successful Online Business Model?

I just went through a few series of book and video tutorial by this guy call Rich Schefren. He is the guru of all the Internet guru if you are talking about how to build a successful online business model.

A lot of well known Internet guru is coached by him, for example Joel Comm, Google Adsense guru is one of his students.

One of his books “The Final Chapter” information really blown me away. You can get the Book for FREE at

According to Rich Schefren, in order to build a successful online businesses , you must have 7 important elements. If you miss out anyone of them, I guarantee your business will not last for really long. That is why you heard people say that 80% of the business is closed in the first 5 year and the remaining 20% is out for the next 5 years.

There are 7 major components that determine whether your business is going to success or failure.

Vision=>Strength=>Passion=>Resources=>Alliance Partners=>Powerful Tactics=>Action Plan

If you have all the 7 important element, you are in the right track, you are building a successful online business model. Let say now, you miss one of the component “Vision”.

“Vision” is how you foresee your business grow in future. Will it be number 1 in the market place or just an ordinary company? If you do not have “Vision” , you definitely do not have any ideas where you are heading and that will lead to “Confusion”.

If you do not have “Strength”, you will feel “Anxiety” as other people is more knowledgeable. One day, they might take over your business. Strength is what you good at and do better the most.

If you do not have “Passion”, what will happen to your business in long run?

The answer is “Unmotivated”. You will lack of force to move you forward. It is just like a fuel of your car. Passion is what you love to do even without any return.

“Resources” is more like a tool you need to implement your online business. You must know where and how to get your resource or contact. For example, I need a sales copy writer and you do not have any contact and do not know where to find. It will lead you to “Frustration”.

Alliance Partners” is the part I like most. If you want to grow your business faster, you need to have to work with someone. You alone cannot concur the whole market. Look for partnership to work together! Partner with similar goal will lead you to success.

If you do not have “Powerful Tactics”, then you are not catching up with your competitor. You are going to loose in the battle field. Other people are enjoying catching the big fish and you only get a small fish. This problem will lead to “Poor Result”.

Alright, now come to the last part call “Action Plan”. If you miss out element, nothing is going to move and you are still who you are. Talk is Cheap!

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Do you have Audio and Video in your website?

It becomes very popular that all products or information are promote via Video or Audio. Just like the old day, TV advertisement.

Survey has also found that with video and audio add to website, sales will increase tremendously. If you do not have these tools, you might miss out money on the table.

You can get Audio tools for Free at YouTube and Google Video. As for audio, pay version is available at Audio Generator.

Internet Marketing via Audio/Video

  1. Include in your Sales pages, human being is lazy, if you give them text, video and Audio. There definitely will choose video.Thus, it help to speed up your sales and sign up rate if you have a membership site.

  1. Testimonial via video & audio is another effective way to build confident and credibility with your customer. With Audio or video testimonial, it will look more real and convincing.

  1. Internet coaching via Audio & Video will help you to reach more customer in less time. Images you do not have to conduct a coaching every week to your customer. They just log in to your website and listen and watching tutorial.

  1. Traffic generation. Ensure you download your video to YouTube and Google Video and insert a URL to link back to your website.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Most Effective Opt In offers

This weeks, I would like to discuss some of the common compelling opt in offer you can provide to build your list and increase sales.

Free Newsletter

This is the most common and powerful techniques to follow up with your subscriber. If they given you their first name and email, it means that they are interested to know what you have to offer to them. They want to know more from you!

Research has been shown that series of newsletter can help to build a credible relationship with your customer. This means more sales for you.

Free Series of Report

This is another way to establish a credible relationship and brand yourself as an expert in particular subject. The report can be in 1 page or more as long as it provides quality information to them. DO NOT sell anything at your report. If your report is full of junk information and do not benefit to them, you will lost your credibility. In other words, your Free report is not going to make any sales for you!

Free Ebook

A Free Ebook can also be given out to exchange for first name and email. Ebook must be at least 5 to 10 pages long. Again DO NOT sell in your Ebook and ensure provide them quality contents. If you too busy or too lazy to write quality contents, your subscriber can easily know from your write up. The bottom line is write a quality contents!

Free Download

If you are selling software online, you can offer a “Free Trial” software for your subscriber. With the collected email, you can offer them a full version with a discounted price.

For the above Opt-in techniques, you can use Autoresponder to do all the follow up email for you. It is a great tool to use.

By the way, do not forget to let them to unsubscribe from your list anytime, if not you will be accused for spamming.

Hope above information will help you to build a list and generate sales.





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