Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Blogging and Big Bucks!

Today, I come across a newspaper article and spot this ads that inspired me to read on. The topic is about “Blogging and Big Bucks”.

The article is talking about how you can use blog for advertising. What is the feature of blogging and how much you can make out of it?

Some people make big buck of money and some don’t? why is this happen?

A common ads that most people do is via goggle adsense. Ads that pay you based on pay per click, cost per thousand impressions & cost per action.

When blogging, people can see whether you are writing sincerely or just the sake of money. If your blog does not have a good content, it will eventually lost the viewer. So, the advise is be serious when Blogging!

Online ads is a big business in America but in Malaysia it is still a small business model as we yet to have a habits of online purchasing.

Global company such as Sony,LG and Intel already know the potential of online ads and blog advertising, but in Malaysia people still rely on print ads like newspaper. It will take sometime before blog ads become popular.

What do you think about online ads? Do share with me if any. Thanks


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

How I meet with 11 Top International Speakers in 2 Days?

Mark Victor Hansen

T.Harv Eker

Roger Hamilton

Tung Desem Waringin from Indonesia

John Chillers

James Skinner

Steven Pierce

Andrew Mathew

Jerry Clark

Hi, it has been sometimes since my last post. Today i am not going to discuss about Internet Marketing. It is about how i meet up with 11 Top International speakers. On the last 2 Days i have a privilege to meet up 11 Top international Speaker at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I met speaker like Andrew Mathew, Jerry Clark, James Skinner, Roger Hamilton, Stephen Pierce, Jay Abraham, John Childers, Tung Desem Waringin, Dr.Clemen Chiang, T.Harv Eker and Mark Victor Hansen.

Above are some of the photo i taken with them except Jay Abraham and Dr. Clemen Chiang which went missing after the Seminar?

I believe you might have know or come across some of the speaker. They are all successful people who make million & million of dollar and most importantly they "Changes People Life".

One interesting thing i discover from all the speaker is they all set a clear "GOAL" and "TAKE ACTION". They now exactly what they going to make and when they going to achieve it. Following i would like to share with you some of the speaker key notes.

Mark Victor Hansen set a clear goal to sell 1 Billion copy of his book, while James skinner want to form a million mastermind team.

The people most impress me is the speaker from Indonesia Tung Desem Waringin. His achievement today is a result of attending National Achiever Congress. His motivation factor that keep him moving are:-

1. Set a clear Goal
2. Strong Reason
3. Learn from the best and be the Best

He said that,you must have strong reason or pain to achieve your goal.

Andrew Mathew said that Happiness is a daily Decision. Life is a cycle, we live in a world of problem. Problem will make your stronger and stronger.

Dr.Clemen Chiang predicted they will be a economy down turn in 2009. Thus, you have only 2 years left to make a massive of income and option trading is the best investment to start with.

Jerry Clark share with us about profiling. This concept have help him increase his income tremendously. Basically the world is divide into 4 types of people.They can be divided into Yellow, Blue, Green & Red.

Yellow- Fun Loving people
Blue- Talk all day
Green- Like to analysis until paralyzed
Red- High Ego people

T.Harv Eker the author of the "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind" taught us a lot of powerful millionaire mind concept. Interested to know more, you can get the Book at Amazon.

Steven Pierce sharing with us how to making money online. John Childers taught us how to be a successful trainer.

Do you want to know how i meet them? Just leave your comments and i will tell you more.


Friday, May 4, 2007

Who link to Your Website?

Would you like to know who link your website? This tools help you to track which website link to you and how many link you have. Link is KING, the more link you have, the more popular your website will be.

This website also provide you how many link at msn,Yahoo and Google and many more.

Just type your website URL at the following link and check out yourself. Enjoy!




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