Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Blogging and Big Bucks!

Today, I come across a newspaper article and spot this ads that inspired me to read on. The topic is about “Blogging and Big Bucks”.

The article is talking about how you can use blog for advertising. What is the feature of blogging and how much you can make out of it?

Some people make big buck of money and some don’t? why is this happen?

A common ads that most people do is via goggle adsense. Ads that pay you based on pay per click, cost per thousand impressions & cost per action.

When blogging, people can see whether you are writing sincerely or just the sake of money. If your blog does not have a good content, it will eventually lost the viewer. So, the advise is be serious when Blogging!

Online ads is a big business in America but in Malaysia it is still a small business model as we yet to have a habits of online purchasing.

Global company such as Sony,LG and Intel already know the potential of online ads and blog advertising, but in Malaysia people still rely on print ads like newspaper. It will take sometime before blog ads become popular.

What do you think about online ads? Do share with me if any. Thanks


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Anonymous said...

i think online ads will become more popular in the future.



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