Saturday, March 15, 2008

Microsoft bought over Yahoo?

Microsoft said Friday that it has signed a deal to buy an online advertising management company, in a sign that the software giant is aggressively making its foray into the lucrative Internet advertising world.

San Francisco-based Rapt Inc. became Microsoft's newest acquisition target as the company has been trying to gain its clout in other business arenas like online advertising.

Rapt makes software that helps companies manage their online advertising operations, including determining the most profitable pricing and placement strategies. The company's clients include major media companies such as MTV Networks, NBC Universal and NewsCorp.'s Fox Interactive Media.

Meanwhile, officials from Microsoft and Yahoo reportedly met earlier this week to hold informal talks on a merger proposal, but the talks did not lead to an agreement.

The meeting between the two giants did not involve any negotiation of Microsoft's earlier high-profile bid to buy Yahoo, initially valued at 44.6 billions dollar. Microsoft officials only presented their vision for a combined company during the session.

The holding of the meeting suggests that the Silicon Valley search engine may be softening its stance against Microsoft's takeover offer, which its board of directors rejected last month by saying it undervalues the company, industry analysts said.

Microsoft's effort to take over Yahoo is seen widely as a step by the software giant to challenge Google's newly-established dominance in the online search and advertising markets. Its offer to buy Yahoo was the largest in the company's 33-year history.

by Yan LIang




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