Monday, January 29, 2007

Insider Internet Marketing Secrets

If you're at all serious about making money with your own online business, then it is essential that you carefully consider the deal I want to make with you today...

My good friend Derek Gehl has publicly released the newest edition of his famous "Insider Secrets" online wealth-generating system... and I was wondering if you would mind testing it?

You see, I'm considering partnering with Derek (he and his team have made over $54.7 Million in online sales, and he really *gets* how to be successful selling almost anything using the Internet) -- but before I team up with Derek, I want to make absolutely SURE his system will work for my customers and subscribers.

So here's what I'm proposing:

I've worked out a deal with Derek, and he will ship you (via Federal Express) a 10 lb. box.

In this box you'll find 2 DVDs, 6 resource CDs, 2 guidebooks, and 2 thick binders containing in excess of 1,385 pages explaining the step-by-step instructions on how to start and grow a wildly profitable Internet business.

All I'm asking you to do is follow the instructions. If you do this, one of two things will happen:

The system will work for you, and you'll start living the dream of "passive" income with your very own Internet business.

You'll be literally making money while you sleep!


The system won't work for you. If this happens, Derek will personally write you a check for $200 as our way of apologizing for wasting your time.

In other words, the absolute WORST thing that can happen if you take us up on this is that you'll come out $200 ahead!

The best case scenario is something far, far more exciting... vacations, new cars for you and your family, paying off your mortgage... It's up to you!

All you need to do today is tell Derek where to send your package by clicking the link below:

All the best,

Bernar Hay

P.S. By the way -- do you want to meet a few of the people who are *already* using Derek's system?

-- Rory M. from Ireland made over $1,000,000 last year selling a VERY strange gizmo from his simple little web site. (I still don't understand exactly what it does!)

-- Barbara J. is making a steady $8,500 a month telling people how to rearrange their old furniture. (She's a 60-year-old grandmother, and she works LESS than 1 lousy hour a day!)

-- Chris E. must be the envy of his Australian surfer buddies down at the beach... He makes over $200,000 a year working about 9 hours per week. Not bad for a 23-year-old kid!

You can read more of their stories, and find out all the details of how YOU can get started too by visiting:

All the best,


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Blogging for Money?

After doing some online research, I found out that a lot of people are not still sure or unaware about blogging?

What is blogging? Can I make money with blogging?

The answer for this is Yes. But before I go further, let me tell you what is blogging.

Blog initially start as an online diary but quickly developed into so much more such as to index at Search Engine and other internet marketing techniques.

You can write anything you like from your family to your hobby. Statistics also found that people who read blog are more likely to purchase online.

There are reported about 50 million blog in 2006 and as compare to 2005 with 7 million. In other word ,there is a blog created every 2 minutes. That is how popular with blogging. It take less than 5 minutes to create a Blog. Try it out and i am sure you will love it.

Word Press and Blogger is the two most popular blog platforms available. The question is now which platform should I use? Sometimes I heard people said Word Press is better than Blogger and vice versa.

Let me clarify, if you are a beginner, use blogger as it is a free blog than own by google. You do not have to submit to google for search engine optimization as it is own by google. You only need to submit to Yahoo and MSN.

However the only disadvantage is you do not have control on the blogger design and domain name as it is all provided by Blogger.

As for Word Press, you will need a web hosting and domain name to start blogging. You need to download a plug in software to install to your own hosting. Anyway Word Press also have a free blogging at

My suggestions is, if you are new in blogging, use Blogger and for more advance user you can try out Word Press.

If you plan to make some money with blogging. Google adsense and Affiliate program is the most easier way to start.

Hope this information help. If you have any comments and recommendation please do not hesitate to give me a comments.



Saturday, January 13, 2007

What is the relation between Google Page Rank and number of traffic to your website?

Do you know what are the differences between Google Page Rank and number of Traffic to your website?

Are there interrelated?

To those who do not know about Google Page rank,it is a little icon shown on the Google Toolbar on top of your browser. It look like this

You can download the Google Toolbar for FREE at

To find out the answer ,i have carried out some survey and it take me sometimes to found that, website with High traffic ranking, DO NOT necessary have a high Google Page Rank and vice versa. Yes, I mean DO NOT.

Google Page Rank gives the ranking based on your website contents that relevant to searcher. If a searcher type “Money” at Google search box and come to a landing page of a website. If the website contents have all the information or articles relevant to money. The chances Google will give you a Page Rank is quite high.

Google gives a Page Rank range from 1 to 10. For more details about Google Page Rank, you can visit this sites

Recently one of my website has been given Page Rank 1 and 2. It is a brand new website with not many traffic. The two website are

You can check the website traffic at Alexa. It will provide you the statistics of any website. Example number of visitor visited your website per month and which site is link to you and etc. It is a great tools for internet marketer to do research.

So the conclusion is, do not be surprised that if you see a website with high traffic but only have a low Google page rank. Google Page Rank and Traffic ranking is NOT related to each other.

Hope above information help.

Do you have any internet marketing ideas to share? Please don’t hesitate to give me a comments. Thank You.


Saturday, January 6, 2007

What is Google Adsense?

What is Google Adsense and how I can make money? To those have not heard about this, you might lose a great opportunity to use this strategy to make money online. Google Adsense has been in the market for 3 years.

Adsense stand for Ads that make sense. For example if you website is about dog, so the Ads that going to appear on your sites is also about dog. Not about Space Shutter, Car or Swimming pool.

How the system works is very simple. When you sign up with google ,by the way it is FREE to sign up with them. Then, google will give you a code to integrate with your website. You can sign up at below URL

Whenever someone click the ads on your sites, Google will pay you money. Yes, that is so simple. What you need to learn is just bring a lot of traffic to your websites and let them view your pages and click the ads.

Google pay you per ads can range from few penny to few dollar. Just image how much you will earn if you have 1000 click a day?

I personally have use Google Adsense to my various site

What i share above is just a thick of an iceberg that keep you excited to start with Google Adsense.

Other thing I want to share is how to monetize your webpage after you sign up your Adsense account? You can view this strategy at one of my Blog articles at below URL

The Guru that I learn about google Adsense is Joel Comm. He publish a Amazon best selling Book The Adsense Code ”. Another guru learn from is Michael Cheney Adsense Video .This 2 Guru will reveal the secrets to make serious money via Google Adsense that Google never told you.

If you serious about makaing money via google Adsense, you can get the Jeol Comm " The Adsense Code" book at below URL

Hope you find this information useful. If you have anything to share, please don’t forget to give me a comments. Thanks






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