Saturday, January 13, 2007

What is the relation between Google Page Rank and number of traffic to your website?

Do you know what are the differences between Google Page Rank and number of Traffic to your website?

Are there interrelated?

To those who do not know about Google Page rank,it is a little icon shown on the Google Toolbar on top of your browser. It look like this

You can download the Google Toolbar for FREE at

To find out the answer ,i have carried out some survey and it take me sometimes to found that, website with High traffic ranking, DO NOT necessary have a high Google Page Rank and vice versa. Yes, I mean DO NOT.

Google Page Rank gives the ranking based on your website contents that relevant to searcher. If a searcher type “Money” at Google search box and come to a landing page of a website. If the website contents have all the information or articles relevant to money. The chances Google will give you a Page Rank is quite high.

Google gives a Page Rank range from 1 to 10. For more details about Google Page Rank, you can visit this sites

Recently one of my website has been given Page Rank 1 and 2. It is a brand new website with not many traffic. The two website are

You can check the website traffic at Alexa. It will provide you the statistics of any website. Example number of visitor visited your website per month and which site is link to you and etc. It is a great tools for internet marketer to do research.

So the conclusion is, do not be surprised that if you see a website with high traffic but only have a low Google page rank. Google Page Rank and Traffic ranking is NOT related to each other.

Hope above information help.

Do you have any internet marketing ideas to share? Please don’t hesitate to give me a comments. Thank You.


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