Sunday, December 31, 2006

How to Generate FREE traffic without Google,Yahoo & MSN

Discover the secrets of Search Engine Optimization without submitting to Google, Yahoo and MSN. No more pay per click of Adword or Overture. This strategy will save you a lot of money.

Dr.Mike Woo Ming and Howard Schwartz will reveal the secrets How To Drive In Free Website Visitors From MySpace, Technorati, Digg, Craigslist & Other Web 2.0 Sites!"

This is a audio recording interview between Dr.Mike and Howard Schwartz. You can get this USD 97 Audio recording for FREE at below URL

Tell me what do you think after listen to the recording. This will be my last post for year 2006.

Wishing you and your family have a great year ahead. May new year bring you more joys, happiness and wealth.

Happy New Year 2007!


Monday, December 25, 2006

Google Adsense Image Policy

On 18th December 2006, Adsense Team came out with a new instruction that NO misleading images next to adsense ads. This is because some image is misleading the visitor. For example your website has an image of a “Apple” but the ads next to it show a “Orange” Adsense ads. Google saying straight, those types of ads will not comply with Google policies.

So folks with a lot of images for your Adsense. Just be ware and make sure yours images is not misleading. Always follow the rule and you will not be penalized by Google.

However this news instruction is not shown in google program policies. It shown in Google Blog. If Google send you an email on this new policy, just follow what they said.

Anyway,i personally do not think google will close you account on this new policy.

Tell me what do you think? Thanks

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2007

Sunday, December 17, 2006

New Year Resolution 2007

Year 2006 almost come to the end, have you accomplished what you have plan for 2006? If the answer is Yes, that is good… you know where are you heading. Bring out a pen and go ahead and plan for year 2007.

To those folk that NO, don’t have to worry also, as there is always a tomorrow. Below is some of the tips you can use to plan for your New Year Resolution 2007

Resolution 1: Do not Procrastinate

If you have been putting off an ideas to start an online business. Start Now! The best place you can start is join affiliate program. The most easier and quick way to start your internet business as you do not have to build your own website. You just need to learn how to bring traffic to your website.

Resolution 2: Update your website with new content regularly

Add fresh content to your website regularly as search engine like fresh contents. Thus, will help to index faster at search engine. Update fresh content at least once a week.

Resolution 3: Check Affiliate Program earning

Track and check which affiliate sales is working for you and which is not working. Use supply and demand method to survey. Keep on testing your website and change strategy until it work for you.

Resolution 4: Build a good relation with your list

Send out weekly newsletter or FREE stuff to your list. They will only buy from you if they KNOW you, TRUST you and BELIEVE you. Email marketing is the best way to build credibility.

Resolution 5: Do not stop learning and Growing

This is the most important part, do not stop learning and Growing. Human being is just like a plants, if it is not growing, it will dying. There is no in between and NEVER will be.

So, keep on learning than grow yourself to another level. Read more books, attend seminar and learn from the best.

Hope above information help. Good Luck

Happy New Year 2007.

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Death Of Internet Marketing

Mike Filsaime has just released his FREE Report “The Death of Internet Marketing”. An AWESOME report, if your are serious Internet Marketer and plan to make a fortune in internet for a long.. long.. long....times, then you must read this report.

This report will reveal the future of Internet Marketing Tips, the internet marketing strategy you use today might not applicable for you to survive for another 1 or 2 years in internet world.

Internet Marketing is moving very fast, today you might earn a Millions in internet and the next day you earn only penny. Don’t be surprised it will happen to you if you do not follow up the internet trends. Search Engine like Google like to change his algorithm and marketing strategy.

Today your website might be indexed No.1 and tomorrow you are no way in any of the seacrh engine index. So, the story here is keep on update yourself “NEVER STOP LEARNING”. Know where the Tsunami is heading and you will have good chances to survey much more longer in internet marketing.

Mike Filsaime FREE report The Death of Internet Marketing” will expose all the secrets where will be the internet marketing trends is heading to.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and download the FREE report at below URL

Hope this information is useful for you and will help you to prepare for the next Tsunami!

Tell me what do you think? Give me a comments.

P/S: Mike Filsaime Give out USD 1 for every person you refer the report to.

Monday, December 4, 2006

What is Affiliate Program?

If you have intention to start online business but do not have any product to sell. Affiliate program is the best place to start. You might ask what is affiliate program and how can i make money from Affiliate program?

Affiliate program is where publisher give you certain commission based on the quantity of product you sell to them. You do not have to create your own website or own payment gateway to sell the product, they will give you all the tools like website, email templates, payment gateway and etc. What you need to do is send traffic to the website sales pages.

All affiliate members will be given a specific link code. This link code is used to track number of sales you made. You can even log in to the website to track your visitor statistics. Affiliate product can be divided into software and hardware. My advise is go for software product because it can be send instantly. That is why Bill Gate start Microsoft, selling software.

Affiliate program pay commission normally in the range from 20% to 70%, but be very careful when you selecting an affiliate program. Make sure that the product you sell is a Hot Product, whereby that is a high demand for it. Use the principle of supply and demand, then you will not get wrong.

Do a lot of research, research and research before start selling any affiliate products. If not, it will waste of your time and effort if there is no demand for that product. Use Google search engine to search the popularity of the product you plan to sell. If there is a high PPC (Pay Per Click) bids for that product keyword, then you can ensure that is a HOT product.

You can start looking for product and join this 2 most popular Affiliate Program. One of them is Click Bank, you can choose up to 10,000 products. The second one is Commission Junction, it have all the link & banner link you need for online marketing.

Do you have any Affiliate program experience to share? Any comments is much appreciated.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What to Sell Online?

After going through a survey from all the internet Guru Alex Mandossian, Armand Morin, Derek Gehl any many more….

All of them will tell you the same answer, there is “Information Product”. If you do not believe, check with your friend, colleagues, or even ask yourself the similar questions “What are you searching online? Information, Information, Information that going to solve your problem.

Now, you know information product is a “HOT Product”. Now how are you going to distribute this information online?

That where Ebook coming in. Compiled all the information in a digital format and in a second you can send it to all over the people in this planet, off course with internet connection available.

Create a Ebook is FREE with zero cost and the best part is you can keep 100% of the profit. Ebook can be given out to capture leads and increase sales.

Use Ebook as a “Viral Marketing” strategy that encourage your customer to pass on. Just imagine, if one person pass to 10 person about your ebook and the 2nd,3rd, 4th person do the same thing. In a short while, your Ebook will share with a lot of people. That is massive traffic generation from a simple Ebook strategy.

The Secrets about Ebook is do not sell, give out for FREE. Just give sometime for them to read and then start promote your product via email.

The point here is capture email address and first name whenever someone want to read your Ebook.

Tell me what do you think about Information product? Do give me comments if any. Thanks

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

How to Make Money with Google Adsense?

There at few factor that will increase your adsense revenue tremendously

  1. Location- Choose a suitable location to put your adsense ads, a small shift in the location will make a huge different of your adsense earning. Check the effective Adsense location at below URL

  1. Optimize Adsense ads- Google allow up to 4 adsense ads on each pages. 1 Ads link and 3 Ads unit. Maximize the usage of the Ads. The more ads you have, the more possibility of click you have.
  1. Content- In Adsense Content is the KING, ensure your content is written by you. Google spider like fresh content m thus will help your to index in google faster and easier. The content must benefit people and will make people come over and over again to your website.

Have you ever Bookmarks somebody website? It is because the content is rich and beneficial to you.You need to create that type of content.

  1. Pictures- People love picture, include them in your website or blog.

  1. Keyword- Find out what keyword that people searching online. You can use some of the free tools below to survey

Overture .com, Keyword Selector Tools

Wordtracker ( Pay Services with Free trial)

  1. Traffic- This is the more critical part, if you have all above requirement in your website but do have traffic, you will have zero adsense earning.

My last advice learns from the expert that will reduce your learning curves.

Hope this information will help. Good Luck

Please leave me a comments if you have any adsense strategy to share.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Discover Search Engine Optimization Strategy

That is 2 ways you can attract traffic to your website. That is Pay traffic and Free traffic.

Let me start with Pay Traffic.The most reliable is Yahoo Pay Per Click and Google Adwords. You can get a highly targeted traffic with just a few penny. The best part is you can control the amount you willing to pay.

Please don’t buy email and do spamming. You might ban from the cyberspace!

Ok, that is about Pay Traffic, let me share with you about FREE traffic generation:-

1. Blog- The Most talk about tools that attract high traffic. If you have own website with a sales pages, you can link to your Blog. You must try Blog! I have personally try out the strategy and rank in google 1st page in 2 weeks!

2. Submit articles- Write something about your industry and send to following sites. Nowadays Link is the KING

There have a pay version. For FREE articles, you can submit 10

FREE but have pay version as well.


FREE submit articles


FREE Submit articles

If your articles is very unique and popular, prepared to receive a lot of traffic.

3. Participate in forum that related your industry. Give a relevant comment and don’t forget to put your website link.

4. Last and not least remember to submit your website to Google, MSN and Yahoo. That is a lot of small search engine, but if you able to index is these 3 search engine. That will be good enough to attract High Traffic.

I have personally tried out the above strategy and my blog is listed in 1st page of Google in 2 weeks. The result is AWESOME!

Any website traffic strategy to share? Please give me a comments. Thanks

Thursday, November 16, 2006

What Website Attract High Targeted Traffic?

First of all you must know, what are people searching online? You can start asking yourself the same question, That Right Information! Information, Information!

Online user are looking for Information that solve their problem. So after go through some internet expert advise and research. I believe the best website must have below criteria

1. Good headline! Just like when you are reading a newspaper….you are looking for the headline that will attract your interest.

2. Easy and Comfortable to read (No Fancy background color) or any animation that will distract your reading.

3. Simple navigation bar that that guide them form page to page. Or else your visitor will get lose in Cyberspace.

4. Very clear call for action statement. If you ask them to buy, you have to tell them what to do! No let them guessing!

5. Easy to load pages. If the website take more than 30 second to load. Your visitor will be gone

6. Well Chosen images that describe your product. Images tell you everything!

7. Have an Opt in offer. Give them FREE stuff by capturing their email and First name. Survey found that it take 5-7 email before your visitor buys.

8.Testimonial, this is a very important to establish credibility.

9. About Us page, let them know who you are and how to contact you.

10. FAQ page, that will help your visitor to look for common question visitor asking about your website.

Some of my recommendation to improve your website design

That all I have to share. If any internet markets have some valuable information to share, please give me a drop. Thank you

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Internet Marketing dilemma

There are so many internet guru out there claim to be expert in their field. Traffic Generation, Email Marketing, Web Design ,Affiliate Marketing and many more. That sound familiar to you? I myself have went through the same process. Read internet marketing Ebook and attended camp from one guru to another guru. So far the Guru i learned from are Alex Mandossian, Armand Morin, Derek Gehl, Joel Comm, Micheal Chiney, Ben Shaffer....

I take my action and try out the techniques i learned from the Guru. The result seems to be not going anywhere. My first impression in internet Marketing is simple and do not need much effort and time. Than i found out that i am wrong. Really really wrong......

Internet marketing is not different from offline business, you need to survey, spend time and put a lot effort. That is no shortcut to Online SUCCESS. The only different between online and offline business is the cost. Online is definitely less cost to start up.

That is how i feel about Internet Marketing. How about You? Please give me a comments or if you have anything to share with me about your Internet Marketing experiences.




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