Sunday, December 17, 2006

New Year Resolution 2007

Year 2006 almost come to the end, have you accomplished what you have plan for 2006? If the answer is Yes, that is good… you know where are you heading. Bring out a pen and go ahead and plan for year 2007.

To those folk that NO, don’t have to worry also, as there is always a tomorrow. Below is some of the tips you can use to plan for your New Year Resolution 2007

Resolution 1: Do not Procrastinate

If you have been putting off an ideas to start an online business. Start Now! The best place you can start is join affiliate program. The most easier and quick way to start your internet business as you do not have to build your own website. You just need to learn how to bring traffic to your website.

Resolution 2: Update your website with new content regularly

Add fresh content to your website regularly as search engine like fresh contents. Thus, will help to index faster at search engine. Update fresh content at least once a week.

Resolution 3: Check Affiliate Program earning

Track and check which affiliate sales is working for you and which is not working. Use supply and demand method to survey. Keep on testing your website and change strategy until it work for you.

Resolution 4: Build a good relation with your list

Send out weekly newsletter or FREE stuff to your list. They will only buy from you if they KNOW you, TRUST you and BELIEVE you. Email marketing is the best way to build credibility.

Resolution 5: Do not stop learning and Growing

This is the most important part, do not stop learning and Growing. Human being is just like a plants, if it is not growing, it will dying. There is no in between and NEVER will be.

So, keep on learning than grow yourself to another level. Read more books, attend seminar and learn from the best.

Hope above information help. Good Luck

Happy New Year 2007.

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