Monday, December 4, 2006

What is Affiliate Program?

If you have intention to start online business but do not have any product to sell. Affiliate program is the best place to start. You might ask what is affiliate program and how can i make money from Affiliate program?

Affiliate program is where publisher give you certain commission based on the quantity of product you sell to them. You do not have to create your own website or own payment gateway to sell the product, they will give you all the tools like website, email templates, payment gateway and etc. What you need to do is send traffic to the website sales pages.

All affiliate members will be given a specific link code. This link code is used to track number of sales you made. You can even log in to the website to track your visitor statistics. Affiliate product can be divided into software and hardware. My advise is go for software product because it can be send instantly. That is why Bill Gate start Microsoft, selling software.

Affiliate program pay commission normally in the range from 20% to 70%, but be very careful when you selecting an affiliate program. Make sure that the product you sell is a Hot Product, whereby that is a high demand for it. Use the principle of supply and demand, then you will not get wrong.

Do a lot of research, research and research before start selling any affiliate products. If not, it will waste of your time and effort if there is no demand for that product. Use Google search engine to search the popularity of the product you plan to sell. If there is a high PPC (Pay Per Click) bids for that product keyword, then you can ensure that is a HOT product.

You can start looking for product and join this 2 most popular Affiliate Program. One of them is Click Bank, you can choose up to 10,000 products. The second one is Commission Junction, it have all the link & banner link you need for online marketing.

Do you have any Affiliate program experience to share? Any comments is much appreciated.

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