Thursday, November 16, 2006

What Website Attract High Targeted Traffic?

First of all you must know, what are people searching online? You can start asking yourself the same question, That Right Information! Information, Information!

Online user are looking for Information that solve their problem. So after go through some internet expert advise and research. I believe the best website must have below criteria

1. Good headline! Just like when you are reading a newspaper….you are looking for the headline that will attract your interest.

2. Easy and Comfortable to read (No Fancy background color) or any animation that will distract your reading.

3. Simple navigation bar that that guide them form page to page. Or else your visitor will get lose in Cyberspace.

4. Very clear call for action statement. If you ask them to buy, you have to tell them what to do! No let them guessing!

5. Easy to load pages. If the website take more than 30 second to load. Your visitor will be gone

6. Well Chosen images that describe your product. Images tell you everything!

7. Have an Opt in offer. Give them FREE stuff by capturing their email and First name. Survey found that it take 5-7 email before your visitor buys.

8.Testimonial, this is a very important to establish credibility.

9. About Us page, let them know who you are and how to contact you.

10. FAQ page, that will help your visitor to look for common question visitor asking about your website.

Some of my recommendation to improve your website design

That all I have to share. If any internet markets have some valuable information to share, please give me a drop. Thank you

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