Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Most Effective Opt In offers

This weeks, I would like to discuss some of the common compelling opt in offer you can provide to build your list and increase sales.

Free Newsletter

This is the most common and powerful techniques to follow up with your subscriber. If they given you their first name and email, it means that they are interested to know what you have to offer to them. They want to know more from you!

Research has been shown that series of newsletter can help to build a credible relationship with your customer. This means more sales for you.

Free Series of Report

This is another way to establish a credible relationship and brand yourself as an expert in particular subject. The report can be in 1 page or more as long as it provides quality information to them. DO NOT sell anything at your report. If your report is full of junk information and do not benefit to them, you will lost your credibility. In other words, your Free report is not going to make any sales for you!

Free Ebook

A Free Ebook can also be given out to exchange for first name and email. Ebook must be at least 5 to 10 pages long. Again DO NOT sell in your Ebook and ensure provide them quality contents. If you too busy or too lazy to write quality contents, your subscriber can easily know from your write up. The bottom line is write a quality contents!

Free Download

If you are selling software online, you can offer a “Free Trial” software for your subscriber. With the collected email, you can offer them a full version with a discounted price.

For the above Opt-in techniques, you can use Autoresponder to do all the follow up email for you. It is a great tool to use.

By the way, do not forget to let them to unsubscribe from your list anytime, if not you will be accused for spamming.

Hope above information will help you to build a list and generate sales.



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