Sunday, February 11, 2007

Increased Your Sales with Payment Gateway

Do you selling any information or product online? Do you have payment gateway that will accept payment online via credit card? If you do not have, you need to continuous read these articles.

Internet Business is all about “Automation”. In other words, once your online business is start up, you want it to run 24/7 and 365 days a year with little of your time and effort

You do not want to spend your time in front of computer to process any payment online and sending your products to your customer..

If you plan to make your internet business big and successful you MUST have a payment gateway.

In customer point of view, if they like your product, they want to get your product easily and fast. If you ask them to call, email and fax before any purchases is made. You are losing your customer fast.

Customer is very Impatient. The more step you ask your customer before purchasing, the less they will purchase. Survey found that you are loosing about 15 % of your potential sales.

Setting up payment online is NOT rocket science. You need find a payment gateway that will accept credit card. For myself I will recommend Pay Pal. It is easy to set up and accept payment worldwide.

You can purchases or send money to anyone with an email address in 55 countries and regions. By the way, set up a Pay Pal is FREE!

Accepting credit card online will

  • Increase Business Credibility
  • Capture Impatient buyer
  • Fully automated

As for me, they is a problem to set up Pay Pal in Malaysia. It is because when you sign up and there ask for the country you come from, surprisingly you can’t find country name “Malaysia”.

Do not ask me why? I do not know as well……..believe this is something to do with the security measurement I guess.

Ok, do these stop me from setting up Pay Pal account? The answer is NO. I can always use another Country address. I set up Pay Pal with Singapore address. By the way Singapore is Malaysia neighbour country and pay pal have an office at Singapore.

Any payment will send via cheque to Singapore. From Singapore I can ask them to send to me at Malaysia.

That is how the system works! Not rocket science right.

Start apply Pay Pal Account now and integrated to you website. Hope this information Help.

If you have any concern or questions on payment gateway, you can leave a messages in this Blog. I will try to answer your questions as soon as possible.




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王鹤霖 said...

eNets ( and ChainFusion ( has just launched BuyButtonz (, a new online business payment platform that caters specially for online businesses. Buybuttonz allows customers to make direct credit card and Internet banking payments for transactions which are secured by mobile phone authentication to protect online retailers from fraud payments.

If you’re selling stuff online, consider this as an alternative or a complement to Paypal ( Not only does BuyButtonz works in blogs and on websites, it works in emails as well and so can help make your electronic direct marketing (eDM) a breeze.

As you don’t have to be above 18 years of age or have a registered company to apply, it is definitely suited for budding young entrepreneurs (like those hawking wares on shop blogs).

Find out more about BuyButtonz on their website -



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