Saturday, April 28, 2007

What is the most valuable asset in Internet Business?

Internet business is not a one day business, it take time and afford to build the foundation before you see money coming into your bank account.

It take time to do market research, build a website and generate traffic

.You will only make money when someone click and buy from your website. It can be your own product, affiliate product or drop shipping.

What make your customer buy?

It is the Sales Copy writing that bring your customer through the sales process and make them Buy. For more information about Sales Copy writing you can read my other blog.

When they buy, you will have their first name and email address. From the list , you will sell to them again and again. That is how the internet marketer making money online.

Let’s say you have a huge database of 10,000 that you build for the last 5 years.

And one day, your office caught fire and you lost all your office property that include customer database.

Now, what is going to happen to your internet business? Are you still going to make money online?

The answer is definitely NO! because you have no one to promote your product. It might take you another 5 years to build the database again.

What happen if you keep you database. You can easily build the business back in no time. You just need a computer with internet connection and start selling again.

Customer database is your MONEY!

Hope this tips help for your internet Business. If you have any internet business ideas, appreciate you can share with me.




t said...

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Bernard Hay said...

Hi there,thank you for your comments.

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