Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Download Alexa Tooldbars!

Do you want to know how is your website rank among the other? How many visitor and where is the traffic come from?

This piece of information is really essential and important when you Joint Venture or exchange link with other website.

You certainly do not want to joint venture with someone who have low traffic to their website right? No traffic mean no business, no business mean no MONEY!
So, you might ask. what is the best traffic rank so i can work with them? Statistics shown that, rank below 100,000 is consider a high traffic website.

Best of all this software is FREE to use. Without further delay, let go and download the following Tooldbars and see what other people traffic are!

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Oo t a n g t a n g oO said...

A very informative blog

keep it up


Bernard Hay said...

Hi,thank you for your comment. Do visit my blog more often or let your friend know about my blog.

I will do my best to provide latest information about internet marketing tool and latest news.




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