Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year Resolution 2008!

This will be my last post for year 2007. Another one and 1 hour, we will move to another Year! I am so excited about 2008, i do not know why? But really looking forward for 2008.

I believe everyone have a new year resolution. Whether you have achieved it or not, it is another question. My guru told me that, always aims high. If you aim for the star, at least you will hit the moon.

For me last year 2007, definitely a good year for me. I fire my boss and become my own boss. It is not a easy feeling when you first start on your own. You have to work smart and plan your schedule ahead. Because at the end of the month, no one is going to pay you salary except yourself!

You need to ready "Focus" and "Never Give Up Attitude". If found any challenge, always "ASK" for help. Success is a journey!

All of this, the most important element is
"Do What You love". If not, you will one day give up your business.

Ok, that about last year, what i gonna achieve this year 2008?

1. Publish my "Internet Marketing for Malaysia"physical book

2. Have my first baby, twin if possible!

3. Buy a MPV car for my family.

4. Buy my double storey link house.

5. Doing Internet Marketing Preview for public

6. Become No.1 internet coaching program in Malaysia

7. Appear in Newspaper about my Internet Program

8. Train & coach 100 entrepreneur to make money online

9. Make RM 100k/year

10. Attend more seminar and read more book.

12. Take Akido lesson

13. Buy a Ogawa Chair for my father

14. Eat Healthy food and more exercise.

This is all my resolution for year 2008. I am not sure how many i can achieve. Let's come back 1 year later and see this post.

How about you? Do you have any New Year Resolution to share?

Tell me what is you resolution by leave a comments in my blog.

"Happy New Year 2008"


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