Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Best product to sell on 2008?

What is the best product to sell online for 2008? hhhmm....... I guess,definitely not a "Physical Product"! because it involves manufacturing,shipping & packaging cost.

So, what is the BEST Product? The answer is "INFORMATION" product.

Yes, information product such as ebook and software. Think about this, what is the richest man, Mr Bill Gates is selling???? Software!

The advantages of information product is
  1. NO Manufacturing,Shipping & Packaging cost!
  2. Instant Delivery!
  3. Low set up cost. Just paid one time cost
  4. 100% profit!
But, someone will say, i am not a writer and do not know how to write. I hate writing! How to come out with a Ebook or software?

Well, you do not have to write yourself! Hire someone to write for you.

For instance, i only spend 3 days to come out with a ebook. If i am going to write myself, it might takes few month.

You can view my sample ebook website at


That is easy right! so , Just Do It.

You can hire someone to write at


Another way is interview an expert in that certain industry. Say, "cancer prevention". What you need to do is interview 3-4 doctor and convert the information to Ebook.

Wa la! you have an ebook ready to sell online.
Besides that, there are tones of articles online.

You can use this articles to publish a ebook.
What skill do you need?
"Copy and Paste"

I believe anyone who is reading this articles will know how to do it.
If you found the articles,send an email to them to get a permission to publish the articles inside your book. Tell them the benefits they will have.

The final part is set up a website with compelling sales copy and sell the ebook. Always monitor the conversion of your website. You cannot sell more if you do not know your website conversion. In other how many visitor that convert to customer.

Hope you enjoy the reading!


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