Tuesday, February 1, 2011

MyShoppingGenie Free App

I just discovered a new software program called MyShoppingGenie and I love it ... and I think you will too.

Here’s how it works ...

You install the FREE Genie onto your computer ... every time you do a search using your favorite major search engine such as Google or Yahoo ... the Genie instantly appears on your computer screen, featuring a simple to navigate selection of major online shopping and auction sites, e-commerce sites and local businesses. Conduct your own comparison pricing with the click of your mouse!

So there is no more going from one place to another looking for the best online bargains.

It saves you time, money and its fun!

Best of all, it's FREE!

Go get your free copy by visiting the link below.


Go to "GET THE FREE APP" located at the top right hand corner.

Video below show you the step by step instruction on how to install MyShoppinGenie App to your computer. Do remember to use this link to download the software, otherwise,you might not able to download the app.


Do tell me what do you think about the app. Love to hear from you.

Enjoy YOUR Shopping Online!


stacy said...

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Bernard Hay said...

Hi Stacy, thank for your comments.
I am glad that my blog post can solve your problem.

If you want to explore more about MyShoppingGenie as a business, you can explore this 2 sites.



May i know where are you from?



"Can"t find what you are looking for? Try Google Search!"