Monday, July 2, 2007

Internet Marketing Workshop at Ipoh,Malaysia

I have an AWESOME 2 days experienced conducting my first Internet Marketing workshop at Ipoh, Malaysia. The material presented is based on my 2 years of continuous learning from Top Internet Guru.

For beginner, I believe the information I given is an eye opener and overwhelming. There is no “Rocket Science” in internet marketing! Everyone can do internet business. What you need to is start with your passion and follows the proper step of Internet Marketing as following:-

Step 1: Start with your passion
Step 2: Find a problem statement
Step 3: Market Research
Step 4: Create a Product/Solution
Step 5: Website Design that Sell
Step 6: Search Engine Optimization
Step 7: Traffic Conversion
Step 8: Traffic Monitoring

Then, repeat Step 1 to Step 8 again for another product . You need to create “Multiple Source of Income” to make a living online. If you only have one website that makes $100 per month, it might not make you rich. What if you have 10,20,30 website making the same amount of money every month.

During the Internet workshop, i can show you step by step how to make money online. But at the end it is still come back to you to take “Action”. Do Not wait, Just do it! along the way you will find the solution.

I will conducting another Internet Marketing workshop at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia soon. If you would like to know more about the workshop, do contact me via email


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