Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Do Blogs Influence Female Consumers?

Blogs sway creators more than readers

More than one-third of US female Internet users surveyed either contributed to or read blogs in March 2008, according to the BlogHer/Compass Partners' "2008 Social Media Study."

Weekly Blogging Activities of US Female Internet Users, March 2008 (millions)

In the study, a full 29% of female blog readers said they had made a decision to buy a product based on information found in a blog post. Female blog publishers—defined as those who read, post and publish blogs at least once a week—were apparently even more influenced by blogs: 38% said they had decided to buy something after reading a blog post.

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Blog influence cuts both ways, however. Nearly three out of 10 female blog readers said they had decided not to buy something based on a blog post, as did 32% of female blog publishers.

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