Saturday, July 5, 2008

Marketing Medium-Part 1

Do you know there is how many way to market your product or services?

"Internet" is just one of the medium....

Not every people is online.......especially to elderly people..So we must not Focus just on online marketing.

Last week, i attended a course 'Guerrilla Business Intensive" at Singapore by one of the Top Trainer, T.Harv Eker. He share some of the marketing strategy that we can use to reach marketplace.

There about 75 we go

1) National Newspaper
2) City Newspaper
3) Community Newspaper
4) Specialty Newspaper
5) National Magazines
6) Local Magazines
7) Magazines PR
8) Magazines Articles
9) Billboards
10) Networking
11) Newsletter
12) E-Zines
13) Direct Mail
14) Mail Drops
15) Flyers
16) Postcards
17) E-letters
18) Joint Venture
19) Affiliates
20) Television Ads
21) TV PR
22) Radio Ads
23) Radio PR
24) Radio Infomercials
25) TV Infomercials
26) Online Infomercials
27) Retail Stores
28) Home Party
29) Network Marketing
30) Website

Wait for my part 2 Ads medium next week.....

How many marketing medium you used? Share with me by add a comment at this blog....



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